WAVE Personal Calendar

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WAVE Calendar is a revolutionary app, which is designed to bring balance to your life

WAVE Calendar is a visually stunning app that goes beyond any limits other calendar apps have. The powerful and ingenious features compliment the app and ensure you are fully prepared for all your appointments.

Launched in 2014, the Dutch startup gained a lot of support from their users and various blogs. WAVE strives to be the best and always makes sure they use the latest and best technology to improve and expend their products. Are you a member of the press and you want to access our press kit, go to our press page.


Sjoerd van Oosten


Ivo Willekens


Bas van Kuijck

CTO / Lead iOS Developer

Iris Bloem

Project Manager

Tirza Nanlohy

Lead Android Developer

Özcan Kaymak

Android Developer

Lieve Sonke

Lead Designer

Thijs van der Velden


Carlo Vingerling

Interaction Designer

Tessa Vermeulen

Marketing & Communications


We currently have no vacancies, but we are always looking for talented new employees! Send us your application at support@wavecalendarapp.com and we will be in touch.


Reduitlaan 29
4814DB Breda
The Netherlands