WAVE Personal Calendar

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How it works

WAVE is a young Dutch startup on a mission: make personal assistants more accessible for everyone. That is why WAVE Personal Calendar is expanding with a new and amazing feature: real life Personal Assistants to help you with your everyday tasks!

1Pick your PA

Once you’ve registered you can pick your PA! Look through our database and see which PA fits your needs. You can also see how other users rated the PA’s and base your choice on that.

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2Start sending jobs

Now that you have chosen your PA, you can start sending jobs!
They will let you know if they accept them and when it will be ready. You will pay a small fee per job. PA’s can also suggest things they can help you with.

3Sit back & relax

Once you’ve send a job to your PA you can sit back and relax. Your PA will let you know when they accept a job and once it is done. No fuss no muss.

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What can a PA do for me?

Let our PA’s help you with all the practicle things in life.
They offer a personal and quick service fitting to your needs.

Buy that last minute
gift you forgot
Pay your bills


Bring your car
to the garage
Last minute

Make restaurant
Book your flight
and hotel
Figure out your
special requests

Are you a PA?

Do you want to become a PA and be connected to thousands of potential clients? Then sign up and become a PA for WAVE. Note: you need to be registered to a PA service or have previous work experience.

  • Easy to manage jobs.
  • Expand your professional network.
  • Gain more work experience.
  • All you need is a phone and picture!

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